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Susan Eldredge, owner of Howl A Day doggy day care of Cape Cod

Owners Lynne and Matt White, who have created the perfect haven for your canine companions, are exceptionally passionate about providing the love and care that your pup needs and deserves while away from you.

Master Dog Trainer, Matthew White has been training dogs for 20 years. He has many areas of expertise and specializes in training family dogs. He has also worked closely training law enforcement and military dogs. He completed his Master apprenticeship with world renown Master trainer Andy Hannalin, of K9 search and detection in NY,NY and Dogs by Andy in Mooresville, NC. Matt was given the opportunity to work with almost every breed of dog as well as all temperaments.

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Puppy Head Start

Our expert staff will work with your puppy on continued house-breaking training, obedience commands, grooming manners, and learn to correctly play and have good social skills.

The Staff
  • Vet technician and Master Dog Trainer on staff

  • Participates in local intern and work study programs with the local high schools.

  • Funds raised for:
    The Sampson Fund, CARE, MSPCA, The Last Gasp and more

Dog in Tunnel

From our customers:

Yellow Lab"I have been taking Koby, my 10-month-old yellow lab, to the Howl-A-Day Inn for two months now and I am thrilled with the great service the caring staff provides everyday! I wanted a place where he would be safe, get plenty of exercise and would enjoy spending the day while I worked. The Howl-A-Day Inn is by far the best dog daycare business I have seen." — Gordon

"Incredible staff of caring and competent dog experts, and Matt and Lynn are just the best." Jane

"Mike and Samantha are awesome. First time I ever boarded my dog and they are very reassuring. Samantha even let my dog sleep with her!" Judy

"Moogie loves Howl-A-Day, he's always excited to go and play with his pals."

"Great service. Friendly knowledgeable staff." Tom

"I know I was impressed with the staff and how kind, caring and patient they are. I know I was impressed with the facility and how clean, well equipped and modern it is. What Bailey thought was confirmed when we arrived at Howl-A-Day after hours to attend a class. We were early and the door was locked. Bailey sat down at the door and cried. I now know that Bailey is impressed with the quality of care she gets! She almost leaps through the door every day when we arrive. Thank you all at Howl-A-Day Inn!" — Marie

Two dogs"We were so lucky to find Howl-A-Day Inn! My puppies' manners have improved greatly since being part of your daycare. On more than one occasion, the staff has gone above and beyond for the welfare of my three dogs! We have been to many daycares in the area, and had nothing but headaches and vet bills! Thank you to all of the Howl-A-Day Inn staff for making pooch and owner alike very happy and worry free!!" — Kristin, Julie, and the three amigos

"We have experienced many day care places for our dog Baxter, but we have found in Howl a Day Inn, by far, the best one. The facilities are outstanding, clean and pleasant. The individuals involved are attentive to Baxter, exercise him, play with him, even brushed his teeth. We are completely confident in leaving him, knowing that he is in good hands. This is far and away the best." — Dave

“I would like to recommend Howl A Day Inn for most dog owners who would like a safe, structured, clean environment for their beloved pet! Howl A Day Inn has a staff which exceeds normal personnel levels at a daycare or boarding facility. They really do work with your dog instead of letting the dogs run for 8 hours in that "untrained dog pack situation". The staff may work with your dog on Sit, Stay, Down, Place, Quiet, Drop It, or Leave It. They will not train your dog, but will keep training going. The staff will play with your dog whether it be going through hoops, tunnels, weave poles, or even low safe jumps. The staff will also place your dog up on the grooming tables and go through your dog's coat,clip nails and brush their teeth!

Group of DogsDogs are screened before being allowed to come. This means that the temperaments must be good! Health records are mandatory and all records are screened carefully.

What is the name of the restaurant chain: Not Your Average Joe? Well Howl A Day Inn is not your average doggie daycare or boarding facility!!! Leave your dog here with confidence that screened, acceptable dogs will be interacting with your dog, as well as their professional staff! They bring a level of professionalism to the dog world that is so welcome and refreshing! Call today for an assessment for your dog!— Gina


Howl a Day Inn Doggy Day Care